Wednesday, May 7, 2014

God's Infinite Mercy and Compassion: A Contemplation

Hello everyone! We hope that you are all having a blessed Holy 50 days. We would like to share with you all a contemplation on the painting provided above as you patiently wait for us to finish reviewing our first few books for you. We all go through hardship and tough times at some point in our life but through it all, we must remember that God is with us all the way and will bring us through it. Please remember to pray for us and this service!!

God's Infinite Mercy and Compassion: A Contemplation

How often, O Lord, have I cried out for compassionate arms to lift me up from the abyss of my misery, to hold me tight and love me? How often, O Lord, have I willingly left Your warm, Fatherly bosom, searching out my death and destruction? How often, O Lord, have I committed evil in Your sight and caused You to be upset? How often, O Lord, have I cursed Your name and blamed my faults on You? How often, O Lord, have I despised Your wonderful gifts to me, those I requested and those I did not request? How often, O Lord, have I been ungrateful for Your never-ending mercy, Your never-ending compassion, and Your everlasting patience with me? Lord, I despise myself as each day passes and wonder how I ever attained Your love for me, I the sinful and wretched, the deserving of death.

And yet, Lord, You encompass me with Your mercy and Your love. Though I suffer and weep and struggle through my life, You are always beside me, as my Father, You encompass me with Your protective arms, comforting me and shielding me from the things that hurt me. Though I push You away and I fight against You, yet in my lowest times, You lift me up and heal my wounds. Though I willingly sin, yet when I repent and confess, You sit in front of me as a Father would and gently tell me, “It’s okay, I forgive you, don’t do it again.” When I am hurt, You are the One who carries me and knows the extent of what I suffer, You are the One who puts Your hand on my broken heart and my ailing mind to calm them. You are the One who stays with me all night, as a loving Father would to soothe me, dry up my tears, and tell me that, “Everything is going to be alright.”

Who am I, Lord, that I should contend with or question Your judgments, You who have protected me from every evil and have given me every good thing? Lord, I am speechless because of my audacity and Your continual compassion. Thank You Lord for all You have done, I am Your servant forever, have mercy upon me and mold me into the person You want me to be. Lord, though I feel discouraged, yet I have faith and hope that Your judgments are just and righteous and in due time, I will understand. Though You reprimand me at times, I know that You love me and that it is for my own good. Lord, I am Your child, do not let me perish because of my ignorance and evil ways. Have mercy and compassion on me, Lord, I beg You, and ease my broken heart and ailing mind. Amen.

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  1. LOVE IT!!
    The devil tries to fool us by making us think "what did you ever do to gain His Love? Well now, surely you will lose it, He'll finally see the REAL you and give up on you." Those words are so full of lies only the devil could utter them.
    >I didn't EARN His love, He gave it to me freely because He IS Love
    >How can I lose a love that is freely given and unconditional?
    >How can He who know EVERYTHING not know me fully? How could I possible fool the
    all-knowing God?
    >"Love is patient, Love is kind, Love is faithful..." How could He who is Love, Patience, and
    Faith-fullness Himself ever "give up" on someone?